ALASKANS FOR PROPERTY RIGHTS is a joint response public relations campaign to educate the public on the injustices caused by the Alaska Railroad,  We are a group of Alaskan Citizens, Businesses, Municipalities, and Utility Companies  fighting for the injustices being caused by our own Alaskan Company; The Alaska Railroad Corporation.

What is the issue?  The Alaska Railroad Corporation does not have oversight, unlike other Alaskan Corporations such as AIDEA, AHFC, AEA and The PFD Corporation.  With no oversight, the Board, which serves at the discretion of the Governor, bullies Alaskan Citizens for the benefit of the Alaska Railroad Corporation.

What can you do to help? Contact the Governor’s office today and ask him to stop the injustices that have been caused by a lack of concern from the Board of Directors and a bullying Real Estate Department….Tell him the ARC should have oversight and the ARC Board of Directors should have members that are not of special and conflicted interest.

We encourage you to read further, click on the icons below where we have listed only a few examples of mistreated property owners.  Please come back often for updates and new stories as we uncover the hidden truths of the decades of injustice caused by the Alaska Railroad Corporation .


The Railroad believes that Alaskans, Utility Companies, Private Property Owners and EVERYONE else exists to serve them. The Railroad does not believe that they exist to serve the People of Alaska.

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Alaskans for Property Rights is a joint response public relations campaign to educate the public on the injustices being caused by The Alaska Railroad Corporation to Alaskan Citizens.  Private Property Owners, Businesses, The Faith Community, Utility Companies, Municipalities and Recreational Users all have nightmare stories of being bullied, sued, charged huge user fees, forced into bankruptcy, and more.  If you have been a victim of abuse at the hands of the Alaska Railroad Corporation, we would love to hear from you!

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