How are you affected as a Recreational User?

Here are a few examples of Public Land access being taken away and/or denied:

In 2015 the ARC denied access to public recreational trails in continuous use for more than 15 years at Fish Creek estuary in Anchorage.

In 2016 the ARC welded a gate shut to stop boater access to launch boats on Lower Trail Lake near Moose Pass after decades of non-interfering access to the land.

In 2017 the Railroad blocked the official trailhead to Lost Lake, also on the road to Seward.

For years the ARC has abusively treated the Latter-Day Saints Church recreation camp in Willow, requiring them to erect and then tear down and reconstruct fencing to the Railroad’s specification. The ARC right of way goes through the center of the LDS property, and the Church has suffered at the hands of the ARC restricting its lake front access from the main camp buildings.