Businesses and how they have been affected...

Here are just a few examples of injustices done to business owners by the ARC:

Lynden Transportation/Alaska Marine Lines

At the Alaska Railroad Corporations request, in 2016 Lynden, Inc. assisted the ARC to lobby the Alaska Legislature to approve a land sale at the Port of Anchorage where Lynden had improved a large waterfront parcel, that formerly was mud flats, into a usable landing area. The agreement was the Legislature would approve the sale to Lynden as all Railroad land sales must receive Legislative approval. After successful passage of the legislation the Alaska Railroad Corporation reneged on their agreement to Lynden stating the legal language that was to allow the sale of the land was permissive in nature but did not require them to actually make the sale. The Railroad decided it could make more money from Lynden by keeping the company in a lease status. Lynden had been in this lease status for more than 30 years and their investment to improve the tidal lands cost many millions of dollars. The Railroad directly benefited from the land improvements and betrayed Lynden by refusing to sell the land.

Fred Rosenberg - Red Robin

Cut down his trees on his property, bulldozed them into his restaurant parking lot. The Railroad admitted that they had screwed up but refused to pay just compensation for damage to his property. Now in a lawsuit with the business owner.

Auto Electric Sales & Service

Auto Electric forced out of business after over 50 years due to the Alaska Railroad bullying tactics

Dimond Center 

Pat Hickey 

Bob Bradley

The stories are endless, many we cannot list here due to the business owners fear of retaliation by the Alaska Railroad Corporation. Many Business Owners have been forced to close their business, pay large fees, forced into bankruptcy or unable to develop their own lands due to the Alaska Railroad Corporation.